Humanity library will be closed effective October 2015, it’s also mean my involvement with this community project since 2001 will put to the end too. Hope to catch up with some old friends this coming Thursday , 3-5pm before I start my new life chapter in Hong Kong soon.










Breakthrough changes 

After went through 3 rounds of phone interviews n a face to face meeting in Sheng Zhen this Tuesday. I decided to take up a training job offer in Hong Kong this afternoon.

After the meeting on Tuesday, I did have a bit of reservation. I am not sure whether I can work in this “China Apek” style company (that peer Pearly described). However, think about challenging n rewarding career in oversea, a change after 20 years in a flexible yet demanding consultancy work, plus a weakening ringgit economic. I do seriously considered all the pro n con factors.

As the recruiter Michelle nicely put it – this is not a usual job opportunity: a global portfolio that based in Asia plus China work experiences. I should not miss the opportunity. So when the offer came in this afternoon, I took it without doubts.

Now it’s time to get ready for the change of the life time

613-陳家小妹出嫁了 ❤️❤️


還記得709後的一個聚餐,慧思向大家講述她和式聰Bersih” 戰場”的浪漫故事不久後,滿臉春風的她就向我和素馨宣告「大姐二姐,我談戀愛了!」。慢慢看著她和蔥仔一步一步相依的走下去,給他們出餿主意、跟他們一起出遊、回老家、買房子搬家、拍婚紗照,到今天幫慧思戴這項鍊時,感覺真的是我家辦喜事。







因為健康亮紅燈, 兩年前下定決心爬離自闖的渾水泥沼,慢慢治理自己的身體和生活,去年中開始整頓自己的事業和工作方向。




學習放下慢活後,雖然沒有了以前的毛躁,可是仍然不能適應失去multi tasking skills 集中力和善忘的自己,時時無法順利完成手頭上的東西。不過,我要感恩,因為放手舍下,我才能享受偶爾睡到自然醒的恩賜,有機會偶遇大自然的美麗風光和人事,更懂得珍惜親友的關愛和感恩擁有的一切。


I noticed my blood pressures were high since 3 weeks ago, I thought it is just my anxieties.

The BP shot up to 180/110 before my surgery on 30/4 and maintained at 150/100-160/110 before I was discharged on 1/5. I also noticed some pains on my jaws and dizziness. I thought I am just tired.

After I started Coveram 5mg, the BP was dropped a bit and fluctuate for the next few days. I tried to rest, don’t work. So I went for outing to take WS & SC wedding photos at Janda Baik, and a jungle walk at FRIM yesterday. Tired, but the BP still high (159/98). I knew I must not delay my visit to doctor.

When I monitored my BP this morning, it was 169/112. BP crawling up slowly when I was waiting for the doctor, I knew. By the time doctor took my BP manually, it reached 200/120 and I was spinning with cold sweat!!!! Doctor immediately sent me to emergency room to take medication, said she will monitor again in an hour time. I guessed if I drove another KM to Selayang hospital this morning, I may have admitted to hospital immediately.

That hour was really really long, I just sit there tried to calm myself by doing the breathing exercise. I get more nervous when I found my phones were misplaced (luckily returned by the staff later). I was floating and spinning when I stood up.  I can felt my drowsiness,  heavy breathing & heart beat sound (its lunch time, clinic suddenly became so quiet) when I sat down. I don’t dare to close my eyes, I am afraid I may gone anytime…………….

My BP was dropped slightly to 180/105 when doctor came back at 2pm. We discussed a bit and she diagnosed I have hypertension. She prescribed a month of 10mg amlodipine – as besilate (calcium blocker) for me. As usual, the best cure for hypertension is cut down sodium, sweets, sugary beverages, and red meats, reduce weight and exercise more.

By the time ready to leave the clinic, I felt much better, especially after a few bites of bread and drunk plenty of plain water.  Reading at 3pm has dropped to 153/191 and 141/87 at 5pm respectively. I was a bit relieved after the shower and hair shampoo (I can’t wash myself due to hand surgery).

I need to monitor myself  carefully for the next few days. Underlying problem may include heart diseases or chronic kidney problems.

My first surgery

The surgery markings on my left hand
The surgery markings on my left hand

It’s nightmare n a lot of drama (quote from Dr Ranjit) this morning before admission. The insurance administration refuse to issue the guarantee letter after 2 rounds of info enquiry. Ultimately, I decided to do the surgery n claim later. By that time (after 10am), it’s long passed my scheduled surgery time at 9am. So the hospital need to rush my preparation n pushed me to operating theatre queuing after the other patient.

I original thought its a small surgery with local anaesthetic. Later only found out they need to anaesthetise n put me in deep sleep. By the time I woke up, it’s 2 hours later in the observation room. I only fully awake n able to get down from bed after another 2 hours around 6pm. I was hungry, thirsty n want to pee 😝

Overall surgery went well. And I am glad chosen to stay for a night instead of day care. The swollen n plain on palm n fingers gradually subset n hopefully gone by tomorrow when discharge.

I have some misconceptions before this,
Misconception 1, microsurgery does not mean “small” surgery, doctors are using advanced tools n high surgery skill to fix nerves n micro part of the body. I guess as compare to my roommates who gone through spine n back surgery, my pain is minima.
Misconception 2, don’t need hospitalisation did not mean don’t need patient care n MC. I am glad I decided to stay one night. I lost some of my mobility with only 1 hand.
Misconception 3, wound should be heeled in 2 weeks time n I can do my computer work as usual. Now doctor told me I should avoid driving if necessary. But how could i go to work without driving I am now on 2 weeks MC.

After some exchange with my roommates, we think the doctor always “trick” us without full story to avoid unnecessary anxiety, haha

The price tag? A bomb of RM15K and 2 months of slow recovery to gain my grips and grabs.

After surgery