Goodbye 2016

After left Malaysia n started a new life chapter in Hong Kong. I experienced a total different life style in 2016. I had regained the joys to get close to natures, had better quality sleep n health, experienced work-life balance,  rewarding job that gave me more financial freedom. At the same time, 2016 also marked the departure of my beloved dad n saw the evolvement of my jobs.

I started get used to live alone in this metropolitan. It gave me lots of opportunities to get out of comfort zone to meet up new friends, explore new things, n hopefully can start some new hobbies n contributions in coming years.

Here are some of my remarkable events in 2016.

1) Hiking

I started my hiking experiences in Hong Kong on 1st day of 2016 with SS.

Since then I continue explored different parts of HK  to enjoy the nature beauty of the islands. Hiking with Meetup groups brought me to outlying islands, Geoparks, Tseun wan, Sai Kung, etc.

The only thing that stop me for doing so since august are the summer heat n my back / leg pains.

img_2959img_40782) Passing of Dad

Dad experienced serious health conditions since early of the year n was hospitalized on 1st day of CNY. He was diagnosed with Myloema in mid June n started his cancer treatment end of June. His targeted drugs treatment did not help in rescuing his organs failure complication  (kidney, heart, lung) n passed away on 26 July after his treatment. Although we were sad of his passing, but felt blessed he did not suffer much pain (except  he has diarrhea n can’t get down of bed last few days).

Dad, we missed you.

img_3253-13)  Families and Friends Visits / Gathering 

After MF visited me last Nov, SS n her sister, Mae, Tony, Lily, Young, Pency n Ah Cheng  took turns to visit n stayed with me in HK for past year. I also met up Chip Choo, Chow Ying, Kok Siong, Miu Yee to catch up what happening backed home.

4) Marked the 50′

This year marked the 50′ for all horse gals n boys. Hualian classmates had a grand gathering in Taiping on 11 June, 2 days before my birthday.

5) Traveling

I traveled a bit this year. I went back to Malaysia 6 trips in 2016 (Feb, Mac, June, July, Aug, Sep) to visit families n friends.

The other trips are 1 day trip to Macau n 3 days to Taichung. And countless day trips visiting different parts of Hong Kong (Sheung Shui, Tai O, Lamma island, Cheung chau, Stanley, central heritage walk etc)

 6) Social Activism 

Since I left Malaysia, I tried to keep a distance from social activism in Hong Kong. I only attended 64 vigil, HOCC supportive concert n Bersih 5 HK. After reconnecting with Malaysian friends, I may took a more active roles in coming year.

7) Work Life

Since the restructuring of T&D department in Feb, other than supported the local team for deliver some training, I have changed my role to 100% global training & development. I have convinced the team leader to establish the LMS n focus on eLearning. Work load started to creep up slowly n the “Learning in Motion” platform is ready for role out in 2017. It’s an exciting & hopefully rewarding in future!!

(Company has gone through resizing n restructuring since July n hopefully the bleeding stopped in 2017, as we has made remarkable profit then)

Hopefully in 2017 I will be wiser, happier, healthier n more successful!!

Choose the better side of life

Pa, I love you. I will always remember your teachings n the precious moments we have together.

We will definitely choose the positive side of life that filled with lots of love, joys, peace, happiness, friends n family.

Don’t worry Pa, I will always (and ensure our next generations) have the positive, right, and always seeking truth attitude. 

(Hand written draft by papa, the seeds that embedded years ago have grew to fullness now)

613-陳家小妹出嫁了 ❤️❤️


還記得709後的一個聚餐,慧思向大家講述她和式聰Bersih” 戰場”的浪漫故事不久後,滿臉春風的她就向我和素馨宣告「大姐二姐,我談戀愛了!」。慢慢看著她和蔥仔一步一步相依的走下去,給他們出餿主意、跟他們一起出遊、回老家、買房子搬家、拍婚紗照,到今天幫慧思戴這項鍊時,感覺真的是我家辦喜事。







因為健康亮紅燈, 兩年前下定決心爬離自闖的渾水泥沼,慢慢治理自己的身體和生活,去年中開始整頓自己的事業和工作方向。




學習放下慢活後,雖然沒有了以前的毛躁,可是仍然不能適應失去multi tasking skills 集中力和善忘的自己,時時無法順利完成手頭上的東西。不過,我要感恩,因為放手舍下,我才能享受偶爾睡到自然醒的恩賜,有機會偶遇大自然的美麗風光和人事,更懂得珍惜親友的關愛和感恩擁有的一切。

Burnt Sugar Steam Cake

It’s a lazy Sunday afternoon, tried to make this burnt sugar steam cake aka 馬來糕 for the first time. This may be the most complicated recipe I tried so far. Yummy✌️


Recipe (serve 15 cups)

  1. Cook 1 cup of sugar in a small pot , stir continuously till it turned brown. Add in 1 cup of hot water slowly. Set it aside and let it cool.
  2. Whip following with high speed mixer for 5 minutes.  (3 eggs, 1/2 cup of cooking oil, 2 table spoon of butter, 2 table spoons of sweetener, 1 teaspoon of ovellete)
  3. Add in the burnt sugar mixture slowly into the egg-oil mixture n whip for another 3 minutes
  4. Fold the sieved 1 1/2 cup of wheat flour + 1 teaspoon of soda bicarbonate + 1 teaspoon of baking powder into above mixtures.
  5. Pour the mixtures into the paper cup mould and steam for 15 minutes.