Helpless or Hopeless?

It’s entering 7th day now, we still unable to locate MH370 😦 And I am getting anxieties over the conflicted, confused and unverified news on MH370. There are more questions than answers now. 

I am disappoint with the dysfunction of the SAR coordination and the incompetency of the government, this projected the country is running like chicken without head (We have been running in auto-pilot for very very long time). I am upset with media did not scrutinise and verify source of information before publishing it, and caused so much confusion. I am furious with the lawmakers and netizens sharing unverified speculation and doctoring photos to seek political millages, without considering others feeling.  I just felt helpless and hopeless about Malaysia future.

It’s time to make clear of the responsibilities and authorities of the SAR & investigation team (especially confusion over the legal stand which countries should lead and coordinate the task) and communication channel ( is time to appoint a spokesperson and let the DCA DG do his other duties).  

We want transparency and accountability on this matter. 239 life are at stake until they can be found. And time is running out unless Malaysian authorities get their act together.



下午我下線工作休息后,眼不見為淨,心情開始平復。沒想到午睡醒來卻看到WS & JH 在喊“對混亂的訊息受不了”的訊息,可想情況多糟呀!網友的訊息「我們對不起那239人命」讓我這幾天來控制的情緒宣泄而淚奔了。






Author: huichun

Originate from Taiping, now staying in Kuala Lumpur, Malayisia and working in a management consultancy and training firm. A typical Gemini that like to poke the nose in everything, everywhere. Like to cook, travel, read, share views with others,help the needy.......... Currently the main concerns are Malaysia civil society & politics, world environmental issues and managing a community library in KL.

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