Pak Samad

我認識的馬來作家不多,在我認知中,除了Usman Awang, Pak Samad 是我最敬重的文學家。這個已整八十歲的國家文學獎得主除了文學造詣高,近年身體力行積極參與社會運動,公民社會的朋友都很尊敬這位Bersih 2.0 的聯合主席。





Author: huichun

Originate from Taiping, now staying in Kuala Lumpur, Malayisia and working in a management consultancy and training firm. A typical Gemini that like to poke the nose in everything, everywhere. Like to cook, travel, read, share views with others,help the needy.......... Currently the main concerns are Malaysia civil society & politics, world environmental issues and managing a community library in KL.

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