Make May 13 A Day for Peace, Reason and Freedom

公民社会513献词 –




  1. 513种族暴动是马来西亚历史上最不幸的章节,尤其是政治纷争晋入了暴力,让我们失去了生命财产。我们对无辜性命的丧失寄予祈念和关怀,也对幸存者寄予慰问。
  2. 非常庆幸,大马已成为谴责政治暴力的国度。后308时代,各类企图挑起种族和宗教紧张情绪以及证明其独裁主义的复现,如2009年8月的牛头示威和 2010年1月的亵渎宗教场所事件,已遭到我国来自不同种族和宗教、不同社会文化背景、珍惜和平、理性和自由的大马人的坚决谴责。
  3. 任何要尝试重演513事件——不论是要压迫民众或夺权,很可能遭政治毁灭而自食其果。前利比亚总统查尔斯泰勒、前智利皮诺切独裁政权和前南斯拉夫战犯等大规模侵犯人权的审讯案,应对任何图谋政治暴力者敲响警钟。一个完全无法容忍政治暴力和政治胁迫的大马社会,尤其是年轻一代已逐渐萌芽。我们追求和平与和谐,但不是恐惧,通过对话和协商开启相互尊重和开放。
  4. 政见上的演说自由和集会自由应当获得表扬,但任何人要利用513周年制造政治暴力和灌输恐惧的行为是可耻的,也应被人民唾弃。此外,任何涉及动用官方基金和资源的513周年纪念活动,一定要在内容和对象上更具包容。


Make May 13 A Day for Peace, Reason and Freedom

On this day which the nation experienced its darkest hours 41 years ago, we the undersigned civil society groups call upon the nation to make May 13 a day to cherish peace, reason and freedom.

We hold that

  1. The May 13 ethnic riot was the most unfortunate episode in Malaysia’s history in which lives were lost and properties destroyed as politics broke down into violence. We offer our thoughts and prayers to the innocent lives lost and consolation to the victims who survived it.
  2. Thankfully, Malaysia has since moved forward as a nation in denouncing political violence. Post-March 8 attempts to trigger ethno-religious tensions and justify authoritarian controls, such as the cow-head protest in August 2009 and the desecration of houses of worship in January 2010, have been resolutely defeated by condemnation coming from Malaysians of all ethno-religious and socio-cultural backgrounds who treasure peace, reason and freedom.
  3. Any attempts to mock or trigger another May 13 – whether to subdue citizens or to seize power – may end in complete political destruction of the culprits. The trials of Liberia’s Charles Taylor, Chile’s Augusto Pinochet and Ex-Yugoslavian warlords for mass violation of human rights should serve as a stern reminder to anyone contemplating political violence. A society with zero tolerance for political violence and intimidation of any kind is emerging in Malaysia, especially amongst those of the younger generations. We seek peace and harmony, not in fear, but through dialogues and deliberations in the spirit of mutual respect and openness.
  4. While freedom of speech and freedom of assembly for all political persuasions should be celebrated, any attempt to exploit the anniversary of May 13 to glorify political violence or instil fear is disgraceful and should be shunned by the public. In addition, any commemoration of the tragedy involving state funds and resources must be inclusive in both content and target group.

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Author: huichun

Originate from Taiping, now staying in Kuala Lumpur, Malayisia and working in a management consultancy and training firm. A typical Gemini that like to poke the nose in everything, everywhere. Like to cook, travel, read, share views with others,help the needy.......... Currently the main concerns are Malaysia civil society & politics, world environmental issues and managing a community library in KL.

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