May He Be the Last …. A Memorial For Beng Hock


A special memorial will be held tomorrow night at KLSCAH tomorrow night, the 14th day of Beng Hock’s death.

This is not one for Beng Hock only, but for all others who perished in custody – police lock-up, prison, detention camp. We do not have the figure since the inception of Malaya or Malaysia.

From 2003 to date, the number is 1,805 including Beng Hock.

That is 23 deaths every month.

Or 3 deaths every four days.

Yet even one life senselessly and brutally snatched away is too much. Is it not?

When news of Beng Hock’s death was reported in the media, many of us prayed that he would be the last.

It was not to be.

Unbeknownst to us, another person, R. Gunasegaran, aged 31, died in custody in Sentul hours after Beng Hock.

Can we continue to remain indifferent to these tragedies?

Come tomorrow night to KLSCAH, in black. (Please avoid bright colours even if you don’t have anything black.)

Light a candle for the dead who should be living.

There will be no political speeches.

There will be no religious ceremony.

There will be only tribute to the dead and reflections of the living.

Date : 29 Jul 2009 (Wednesday)

Time : 9pm till 1030pm

Venue : 1st floor hall, KLSCAH, 1, Jalan Maharajalela, Kuala Lumpur

Organized by :Civil Rights Committee, Kuala Lumpur and Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall

Supported by :“Justice for Beng Hock” and “1BLACKMalaysia” facebook groups

让他成为最后一人 —-明福追思会






支援:“为明福讨公道”与“黑色大马”面子书 (facebook) 群组




Author: huichun

Originate from Taiping, now staying in Kuala Lumpur, Malayisia and working in a management consultancy and training firm. A typical Gemini that like to poke the nose in everything, everywhere. Like to cook, travel, read, share views with others,help the needy.......... Currently the main concerns are Malaysia civil society & politics, world environmental issues and managing a community library in KL.

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