Cameron Highlands: Strawberry

Cameron Highlands is craze for strawberry these days. Everywhere you go, you will find strawberries, from self pick strawberry farms to strawberry shops,  from fresh strawberry, pickle strawberry, strawberry teas, cakes, ice-tubes, juices to strawberry jams, their souvenirs range from strawberry key chain, pencil, soft toy, t-shirt, bag to strawberry ball. The whole highlands are flooded with red strawberries………….

There are more than 10 strawberry farms in Cameron Highlands. I bet each time Malaysians think of strawberries or strawberry farms, they will definitely think of Cameron Highlands.

Strawberry BallsOn the way to the Boh Plantation, we stopped by the Habu Bee Farm (around 1km from the main road). Other than bees and flowers, they also having a self-picked strawberry farm.

My nephews and niece get so excited to see the strawberries that growth in the pots, so we let them picked and plucked a kilogram (RM20 per kg). Although the Cameron Highland’s strawberries are not so sweet (some are very sour), but they were enjoying picking while eating the strawberry that pluck from the plants!

This is about 1/2 kilogram of Strawberries

It is a great experience to pick our own strawberry. See how happy my nephew who proudly show off his strawberries.

Bee farm at the far views

Note : Some tips to preserve the strawberries:

  1. If you are not consume the strawberry at the highlands, request the seller to arrange and pack the strawberry in the container one layer neatly and wrap with food wrapping film. Don’t overlay the fruits loosely (like picture above).
  2. If you buy the strawberry earlier, don’t keep the strawberry in the refrigerator for overnight. It’s OK just leave the fruits at the normal ambient condition. When you take the cool fruits from fridge and travel down hills, the rising temperature will easily spoil the fruits (unless you pack in a cool bag).

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