BAN the Plastic Bags!

Malaysian created more than 30,000 tonne of waste daily (average 0.8kg per capita per day). Every 10 days, we can “used” the waste we produced to build a Petronas Twin Tower. And big number of the waste are from plastic (24%).

Despite concerted efforts to promote reuse, reduction and recycling (3Rs) of materials through the National Campaign on Recycling, the amount of solid waste recycled remained at less than 5.0 per cent of total waste disposed.

Plastic bags have created a lot of environmental impacts, its affects our marine life and endangered the species, it choked our water ways; it polluted our air (during production and incineration disposal process), our water, our land; its added tonnes of hazardous materials to our landfill and caused soils contamination, floods, green house effects and global warming.

Turtle thought the plastic bag is the food - JELLY FISH

Plastic bags that are not Biodegradable (especially the polystyrene) will remain in this beautiful planets till the day we die, or shall I said till human race decease.

According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, somewhere between 500 billion and a trillion plastic bags are consumed worldwide each year. And only 1% of these plastic bags are recycled, the reasons are cost of recycling is far too high (>100 times) as compared to producing a new one.

Under developing countries like Bangladesh , Bhutan and Bengal Government have banned plastic bags. China has banned giving out free thin plastic bags. Israel, Canada, western India, Botswana, Kenya, Tanzania, South Africa, Taiwan and Singapore have started to impost taxes or are moving toward banning the plastic bags. And a lot of local councils and cities have started the no plastic bags campaign or charge the consumers for the plastic bags.

According to statistic, we use average 6 bags per week, that is 312 bags per year and it’s 21,840 bags for our life times (if you can live till 70).

If ONE out of FIVE Malaysian start using a cloth bag, we will save

16,224,000,000 bags per year, and

113,568,000,000 bags over our life time


AND Malaysia Government must establish and implement the “NO PLASTIC BAG” policy with immediate effects, otherwise our next generation will live around the smelly plastic TWIN TOWERS and NO MORE GREENERY!

It should not be our future.

Do you want your next generation to live like this?

Author: huichun

Originate from Taiping, now staying in Kuala Lumpur, Malayisia and working in a management consultancy and training firm. A typical Gemini that like to poke the nose in everything, everywhere. Like to cook, travel, read, share views with others,help the needy.......... Currently the main concerns are Malaysia civil society & politics, world environmental issues and managing a community library in KL.

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