Apom Susu


1st attempt of Apom Susu after got this simple recipe from the Facebook for awhile.


2 eggs, 1 cup of sugar, 2 teaspoon of vanilla essence, 1 teaspoon of Ovallete

Mix the above ingredients well with high speed mixer.

Add in 1 1/2 cups of evaporate milk after the mixture become foamy. Original recipe is 1 cup, I made a mistake add in additional 1/2 cup, although the apom texture is a bit sticky, but the final product still came out good 😁😁

Once done, add in 2 cups of flour & 2 teaspoon of baking powder that sieved earlier slowly.

Transfer the batter to small cup before Steam for 12-15 minutes. The above recipe can make 20-24 piece of cup cake size steam Apom.









YES!! Just confirmed 1 year job contract with TL. 2 days per week, 8 days per month job with a satisfactory monthly pay cheque.

Also I just got my TTT exemption from HRDF.

It’s a great start for 2015. Hope the good news keep pouring in!!

Mossy Forest, Cameron Highland



2015年第一天,7個人擠進梅君的新車,鏟上半島最高的公路(海拔>2000m), 一起愉快的登上金馬崙第2高峰Gunung Brinchang。

帶著3個小瓜,走了公路的最後半公里,去尋找那最原始的Mossy Forest,森林就像電影裡的風景,淒美弔詭。

只可惜霧太濃,爬到最高的景觀台也看不到最美的panoromic view, 帶些小遺憾,下次會再來。

2015, a new beginning

20150102-003211.jpgFirst day of 2015.

Good news (a new job opportunity),
Bad news (Uncle Siew is diagnosed with Dementia, the impacts of the east coast flood are really really bad- just like after tsunami attack),
Sad news (SS father passed away),
Warm news (great to meet up with Mary & family after so many years, and they are doing very well) ……….
all poured in on the same day.

Switching between the exciting n sad modes to send new year greetings, condolence messages, encourage notes & warm hugs. What a day and what a life.

Just wish everything will turn out better in 2015 with new chapter in
Work (no changes yet, just move the office nearer to home),
Health (every new year resolution : shade 10 kg, do more outdoor exercises & reduced the doctor’s visits),
Family (need to spend more time with parents),
Love (oh yes, I am still longing to find my soul mate) and
Wealth (I am not greedy, just hope to turn the bank account to blue and save some money for the future needy)

New year resolutions: Stay focus, be healthy, do less for better output!


This is not a good day to start up a week….. a long overdue visit to ENT specialist and followed by dentist burned a big hole in my pocket; An apology to RAGM will definitely tint the Ban cyanide in gold mining future campaign; No one is taking any action in writing the thank you letter and reconcile the fundraising account; I am still unable to complete the audit reports; I need to postpone my work schedule and office plans due to toothaches and headaches; and my weak gum and decayed tooth that need special treatment is my next burning health issue……..

One “good news” is I don’t need a hearing aid at this moment. According to Dr Sudha (a very nice and energetic doctor in Taiping), my outer ears and inner ears are in healthy condition based on the endoscope checks.


Not so good news is, the hearing test confirmed I have a conductive type loss called Otosclerosis, where my third ear bone in the middle ear is hardened (mainly due to calcium) and eventually restricted the movement (and hearing).

Otosclerosis is a common cause of hearing impairment. (The word otosclerosis can be broken into its two medical words: “oto” for ear, and “sclerosis” meaning hardening.) Approximately 5% of all people with hearing impairment have otosclerosis.

Otosclerosis is an abnormal growth of bone. The abnormal bone growth of otosclerosis may spread to the inner ear, stapes (the third ear bone), or to both of these areas.

The abnormal otosclerotic bone hardens around the stapes and eventually stops the movement of the stapes (According to Dr Sudha description, the stapes just like a door, it can’t open anymore if the hinges get rusted due to calcium accumulation) . The immobile stapes cannot carry sound vibrations to the inner ear. Therefore a conductive hearing loss develops.

The conductive type of otosclerosis usually progresses up by age to a maximum in the 30’s. After this, it rarely progresses. Dizziness and imbalance is a feature of otosclerosis in roughly 25% of cases. In about half of all patients, there is a family history of similar problems. Women are affected twice as often as men.

There is no local treatment to the ear itself or any medication that will improve the hearing in persons with otosclerosis.

This condition can occur in small children and in older adults. There is nothing a person can do to prevent this from occurring. Conversely, there is nothing that anyone did through negligence or otherwise that would cause this to occur.

Therefore the only thing I can do now is monitor the condition by performing the hearing test yearly and do more physical exercise  (exercise can increase the airflow and loosen up the hardening bone eventually). A hearing aid can be effective in treating the hearing loss, all depending on my future hearing condition and otosclerosis development.

During the doctor visit, we discussed about my medical conditions, including a weak gum / gum Inflammation, dry eyes and protruded eyes, thyroid disease  etc. Seems the radioactive iodine treatment can cause dry eyes, protruded eyes, autoimmunity and other health issues (Dr Sudha is a surgeon who think surgery is a much straight forward treatment than RAI). A recent systematic review concluded that more evidence is necessary to link otosclerosis and autoimmunity  :(




Hope RAGM Cease Operation Permanently

根據PGL 的聲明,RAGM在勞勿的金礦已暫時停工關閉,主要原因是環境局要求金礦管理好石渣廢料。公司近來虧損很大(six months to 31st December 2013 was GBP2,817,879), 周轉不靈(每個月要還的利息超過£140,000,US$750,000的分期付款12月到期,£1.2 M的債卷也將在22/12/2014到期 ),因此其母公司已要求倫敦交易所昨天停止交易。


Look like all the rumours are true, hope RAGM operation in Raub will be ceased permanently.

1) Peninsular Gold Limited, the parent company of RAGM announces that it has requested a suspension of trading of its shares on the AIM Market pending clarification of its financial position. The suspension was effective as of 7:50am on 2 December 2014.

2) As at 30 November, 2014 Peninsular has available funds of approximately £320,000. The Group currently has £1.2m convertible loan notes which are due for repayment on 22 December 2014, and need to service £140,000 interest per month (means their available fund is only able to serve less than 3 months interests)

3) Malaysian environmental authorities (DOE) impose additional operational requirements, in particular the authorities have requested changes relating to the location of RAGM’s tailings storage facilities which would require significant changes to its tailings management plan.

4) RAGM has taken the decision to halt gold production at Raub pending resolution of above issue (I smelt fishy here, I strongly believed DOE has issued a Stop Work Order)

Here is the statement released by London stock exchange






Since I am not get pay for these kaypoh works, why can’t I just “Let go, sit tight n be patient”?

I have thousands of patience for clients n subordinates, and accept their incompetency. I can repeat the teaching n sharing again n again. Why can’t I learn to be patient when come to dealing with peers?

Graves’ ophthalmopathy


Graves’ disease is an autoimmune disorder. It causes hyperthyroidism.

About 25 percent of people who develop Graves’ disease will also get Graves’ ophthalmopathy.

“How can I have Graves’ disease after treated with Radioactive Iodine and became hypothyroidism 2 years ago?”  I always wondered and asked myself with doubts.

My recent visit to my eye specialist might has the answer to this.  She looked at my previous blood test results and brought up the case that I might have developed the conditions wayback longer that I thought (not 6 months ago, but one to two years back ).

Damn, I have not pay enough attention to myself and my diseases. The Graves’ ophthalmopathy with bulging eyes, excessive tearing, light sensitivity and double vision must have developed long (possible even before my RAI treatment) before I get to notice and treat it March this year. The hormone, menopause, dry eyes issues could have camouflaged the real problems beneath it ? or these issues simulated and worsened the ophthalmopathy ? (I pondered again)

Good news is, my conditions are stabled n remained in status quo for quite some-times already. I still have the full vision movement and get to do the surgery to rectify this eye retraction issue middle of next year. I think I am in good hands now (I must trust my doctors).

The reason I wrote this post is not to complain but to remind myself not to neglect myself that I am a “patient” with “diseases”. I must learned how to love and take care of my body and minds, and set the life priority right.

Yes, to answer a friends’ querry, these are diseases. They are called Graves’ Disease n Dry Eyes Disease, and they are chronic  :-(

Save Baram Fund Raising Luncheon


These are the most encouraging messages I received when I woke up this morning.

“I read that 峇南水坝工程动工在即,峇南约2万名原住民家园危在旦夕。非政府组织“当今峇南”将举办一场筹款午宴,为反水坝社运分子筹款,协助他们长期到峇南,提升原住民对峇南水坝危害的醒觉意识。How can I donate!”

“I have some spare times next week, how can I help you on the fund raising drive?”

Thanks friends. U all warmed up my heart.

Yes, I am leading a fund raising drive with Baramkini members to raise funds to support Baram, Sarawak local residents to carry out their outreach programme to visit Baram’s remote longhouses to explain the impacts of the mega dam’s construction, social employment issues arising after the relocation, ethnic livelihood and environmental impacts arising, education and improving inland residents basic knowledge about human rights.

Baramkini hopes such a project will empower the local residents of Baram to protect their ancestral lands, their culture and their rights to self-determination.

You  are welcomed to purchase a luncheon ticket (priced at RM50 per ticket, VIP seat is RM200 per ticket), be our sponsor, be our volunteers or donate directly.

U can directly bank into
A/C NUMBER :04000103570

Many many thanks.

For more details, read here and here