I noticed my blood pressures were high since 3 weeks ago, I thought it is just my anxieties.

The BP shot up to 180/110 before my surgery on 30/4 and maintained at 150/100-160/110 before I was discharged on 1/5. I also noticed some pains on my jaws and dizziness. I thought I am just tired.

After I started Coveram 5mg, the BP was dropped a bit and fluctuate for the next few days. I tried to rest, don’t work. So I went for outing to take WS & SC wedding photos at Janda Baik, and a jungle walk at FRIM yesterday. Tired, but the BP still high (159/98). I knew I must not delay my visit to doctor.

When I monitored my BP this morning, it was 169/112. BP crawling up slowly when I was waiting for the doctor, I knew. By the time doctor took my BP manually, it reached 200/120 and I was spinning with cold sweat!!!! Doctor immediately sent me to emergency room to take medication, said she will monitor again in an hour time. I guessed if I drove another KM to Selayang hospital this morning, I may have admitted to hospital immediately.

That hour was really really long, I just sit there tried to calm myself by doing the breathing exercise. I get more nervous when I found my phones were misplaced (luckily returned by the staff later). I was floating and spinning when I stood up.  I can felt my drowsiness,  heavy breathing & heart beat sound (its lunch time, clinic suddenly became so quiet) when I sat down. I don’t dare to close my eyes, I am afraid I may gone anytime…………….

My BP was dropped slightly to 180/105 when doctor came back at 2pm. We discussed a bit and she diagnosed I have hypertension. She prescribed a month of 10mg amlodipine – as besilate (calcium blocker) for me. As usual, the best cure for hypertension is cut down sodium, sweets, sugary beverages, and red meats, reduce weight and exercise more.

By the time ready to leave the clinic, I felt much better, especially after a few bites of bread and drunk plenty of plain water.  Reading at 3pm has dropped to 153/191 and 141/87 at 5pm respectively. I was a bit relieved after the shower and hair shampoo (I can’t wash myself due to hand surgery).

I need to monitor myself  carefully for the next few days. Underlying problem may include heart diseases or chronic kidney problems.

My first surgery

The surgery markings on my left hand
The surgery markings on my left hand

It’s nightmare n a lot of drama (quote from Dr Ranjit) this morning before admission. The insurance administration refuse to issue the guarantee letter after 2 rounds of info enquiry. Ultimately, I decided to do the surgery n claim later. By that time (after 10am), it’s long passed my scheduled surgery time at 9am. So the hospital need to rush my preparation n pushed me to operating theatre queuing after the other patient.

I original thought its a small surgery with local anaesthetic. Later only found out they need to anaesthetise n put me in deep sleep. By the time I woke up, it’s 2 hours later in the observation room. I only fully awake n able to get down from bed after another 2 hours around 6pm. I was hungry, thirsty n want to pee 😝

Overall surgery went well. And I am glad chosen to stay for a night instead of day care. The swollen n plain on palm n fingers gradually subset n hopefully gone by tomorrow when discharge.

I have some misconceptions before this,
Misconception 1, microsurgery does not mean “small” surgery, doctors are using advanced tools n high surgery skill to fix nerves n micro part of the body. I guess as compare to my roommates who gone through spine n back surgery, my pain is minima.
Misconception 2, don’t need hospitalisation did not mean don’t need patient care n MC. I am glad I decided to stay one night. I lost some of my mobility with only 1 hand.
Misconception 3, wound should be heeled in 2 weeks time n I can do my computer work as usual. Now doctor told me I should avoid driving if necessary. But how could i go to work without driving I am now on 2 weeks MC.

After some exchange with my roommates, we think the doctor always “trick” us without full story to avoid unnecessary anxiety, haha

The price tag? A bomb of RM15K and 2 months of slow recovery to gain my grips and grabs.

After surgery



是的,我已決定在下星期四(30/4/15)為左手動個小手術(Left hand – Carpal Tunnel Release on the Wrist and Trigger finger release on my middle finger,  Injection for Right Hand CTS)


當我雙手帶著CTS Brace出現在公眾場合時,大夥都好奇的詢問我的“病情”,我解釋了又解釋(說到好累呀),當說到要動手術時,不了解我病情的因由和嚴重性,大多數人的反應是“不要動手術啦,後果是 。。。”, 然後是”介紹你去見 xxxx”, 或“介紹你吃 xxxx”。我聽到心煩不已,結果睡不好覺血壓上升到160/120,最後忍不住打電話去煩Dr Pa了,談了整個小時,最後拍板聽Dr Ranjit Gill的意見盡快動手術。

自從我最信任的Dr Karuna退休後,老巴、Young和MY應該是最了解我病情和可以談健康的朋友了。跟 Young 一起陪月妹走過人生最後的一段日子,我們都知道病人最需要的是“聆聽、祝福和扶持”,而不是自以為是的介紹“醫療方法”,更不是喋喋不休的“好心叮嚀”。老巴是一位仁心仁術的退休醫生,他總愛說他最大的責任是看好社運分子的健康,那我們才能打倒霸權醫治這個社會。 他們總能在我最煩操和無助時聆聽我的心聲和給我指引。



Carpal tunnel syndrome is a common source of hand numbness and pain. Many studies show that women have a significantly higher risk for carpal tunnel syndrome than men, and older people are at higher risk than younger adults. CTS also accounts for the highest average number of days lost at work, when compared to all other major work-related injuries or illnesses.”

“As carpal tunnel syndrome progresses, you may begin to notice weakness in your thumb and first two fingers, and it may be difficult to make a fist or grasp objects. You may find yourself dropping things, or you may have trouble doing things like holding a utensil or buttoning your shirt.”

That’s the reason Dr Ranjit is worried about my CTS than my right hand’s De Quervain’s tendinitis. I was diagnosed with moderate-severe CTS condition (left hand is worse than righ hand) based on Nerve Construction Test. CTS symptoms over the longer term can permanently damage nerves and atrophy the muscles at the base of the thumb at the palm if left untreated. Ultimately, I may at risk of lost my fingers mobility permanently :(

In acute cases of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, a surgical remedy called “transverse carpal ligament release” is called for, -a surgical cutting of the transverse carpal ligament. This surgical procedure removes pressure from the median nerve. This procedure is highly effective but requires months of post-operative recovery time and rehabilitation. It is considered to be a last resort, one best to avoid unless all other strategies have been tried and exhausted.


I was diagnosed with de quervain’s tendonitis by doing the Finkelstein test. Arrow indicates location of pain when wrist-tendonitis  test is positive.

Burnt Sugar Steam Cake

It’s a lazy Sunday afternoon, tried to make this burnt sugar steam cake aka 馬來糕 for the first time. This may be the most complicated recipe I tried so far. Yummy✌️


Recipe (serve 15 cups)

  1. Cook 1 cup of sugar in a small pot , stir continuously till it turned brown. Add in 1 cup of hot water slowly. Set it aside and let it cool.
  2. Whip following with high speed mixer for 5 minutes.  (3 eggs, 1/2 cup of cooking oil, 2 table spoon of butter, 2 table spoons of sweetener, 1 teaspoon of ovellete)
  3. Add in the burnt sugar mixture slowly into the egg-oil mixture n whip for another 3 minutes
  4. Fold the sieved 1 1/2 cup of wheat flour + 1 teaspoon of soda bicarbonate + 1 teaspoon of baking powder into above mixtures.
  5. Pour the mixtures into the paper cup mould and steam for 15 minutes.

307 Kita Lawan

I love this photo most, 3 complete strangers (and thousands at the back) from different ethnic groups stood together for the same cause: Stop the political persecution! Najib undur !!
Najib, did you hear what 10 thousands people shout on the street? Najib Undur
With Ban Cyanide group before the rally start. We were at every big rakyat assemblies in the town. Our struggles have not over yet!




This is where we started : Masjid Jamek with Boon Hooi and BCAC gang


This is where we ended: KLCC with me regular demo friends :)
The scene after the organizer declared demo end! at 6.30pm


On the way to KLCC. Thousands are with us


Waling towards KLCC, the rain cannot stop us


OK, we are almost there


Apom Susu


1st attempt of Apom Susu after got this simple recipe from the Facebook for awhile.


2 eggs, 1 cup of sugar, 2 teaspoon of vanilla essence, 1 teaspoon of Ovallete

Mix the above ingredients well with high speed mixer.

Add in 1 1/2 cups of evaporate milk after the mixture become foamy. Original recipe is 1 cup, I made a mistake add in additional 1/2 cup, although the apom texture is a bit sticky, but the final product still came out good 😁😁

Once done, add in 2 cups of flour & 2 teaspoon of baking powder that sieved earlier slowly.

Transfer the batter to small cup before Steam for 12-15 minutes. The above recipe can make 20-24 piece of cup cake size steam Apom.