Coffee and Glaucoma

I went for an eye check up yesterday and have an interesting conversation with my optimist.
A: How’s your 👁 conditions recently? Any improvement since last visit?
J : Yes. I have less dry eye conditions these days, but eyes easily get tired with increasing of computer works.
A: Did you drink a lot of coffee?
J : Yes, I drunk 2-3 cups every day. I am coffee lover nowadays.
A: You need to reduce coffee intake, turn to tea if you need the caffeine.
J : What’s wrong with coffee?
A: You may develop glaucoma and lost your vision if you drink too many coffee …… (deleted 1000 words of lecture from him).
J: Then what shall I do with my new coffee machine? I just bought one yesterday?
A : You can still drink your coffee …. just limited to one cup every alternate day.
J : Oh no doc, I need my coffee everyday.
A : You want to lost your vision again? ….. I am sure You will enjoy and appreciate the coffee more if you know you don’t have limitless quota…..
J : okay, doc. Health come first.

Here is my new coffee machine, the replacement after the previous red one broke down a year ago!

Here go my brand new coffee machine that I bought for celebrating my 5 years anniversary in Hong Kong. Look like I can’t drink many coffee as I wish anymore 😕

Glaucoma causes

The eyeball constantly produces a fluid called aqueous humour, which normally finds its way around the eye, draining back into the body when there isn’t any space left. But when the fluid isn’t able to drain properly, it causes a build-up of pressure in the eye, known as intraocular pressure. In turn, that pressure damages the optic nerve, as well as the nerve fibres from the retina (the light-sensitive tissue that lines the back of the eye). If left untreated or uncontrolled, glaucoma starts by causing peripheral vision loss, which may gradually lead to blindness.



週六下午先去美容院做個全身按摩加面部護理,放鬆後再去吃個豐盛的late lunch。









清理冰箱的食材,隨便煮了幾餐,做了個好吃的basque burnt cheese cake ,也去剪了個新髮型。





2019 – A challenging yet rewarding year!

When I was young, I just can’t imagine what life will be in 2020….. and now a new year is just around the corner.

2019 is an extremely busy year (and stressful for many hong kongers too) with many changes and challenges.

1. I decided to give myself a 2019 new year gift by ditched the dyes and turned my hair greys naturally. Now that my transition has completed and with the winter light, I love all the shades and it looks different every day!❤️

2. Hong kongers life have changed so much since June. Protests, rallies, boycotts, Police brutality…. the democratic movement is not only caused social unrest and stress, it’s also torn apart the society, family and friendships. Hope to see some lights in 2020!

3. I had an expanded job roles in the last quarter of the year. With Mary leaving and arrival of Mayee, plus the HR restructuring, it’s a challenging changes.

4. Digitalisation has became part of my daily jargon now. Started with >100 OJL II classes in china & hk, then introduction of digitalisation tools, and now digital transformation projects. Life is busy with all the never ending discussion, exploration, integration meeting and planning works. Will see more actions in next 1-3 years.

5. For the 1st time in our adulthood life, I travel with my 2 sisters for a week long Japan trip. Great bonds. Hope to do a trip with my 2 brothers one day.

6. I went to Italy for a last minute working trip and ended up a short visit to Milan and Florence. The round island trip to Jeju was also fun. Wish I had more holidays in future 😄

7. SS came and visited me twice this year (that’s equal to my number of trip back home 🤣), first for the Jacky Cheung concert earlier of the year, then a year end relaxing vacation. Many friends came visited HK even in this turbulence period. Thanks. I am now looking forward to my CNY return home trip to reunite and catch up with friends and family.

8. I moved house (again!!) just few days before calling the year end. This is my 4th house since I moved to hk, and I am now back to Fanling where I started in hk 4 years ago 😂. I had a spare guess room, feel free to visit me anytime.

9. I saw young friends departed, experienced the sorrow of colleagues due to sickness. As age is catching up, I have invested more time in my health and exercise. I will also continue the supports for the needy and building a better and just society (i just donated the biggest sum of the year to the Pow Solidarity Fund before 2019 end). Hope to see a better me and society in 2020 and many many years to come.

10. Malaysia is entering 2020 with the same PM who promoted Wawasan 2020 vision 30 years ago. Although the new PH government is disappointing, but I am still hope 2020 will bring Malaysian together for a better, just, peaceful, loving, respectful and progressive society!

Last but not least, Wishing everyone a safe and contented 2020 filled with abundant of joy, happiness, blessings and good health 🎊

Goodbye 2016

After left Malaysia n started a new life chapter in Hong Kong. I experienced a total different life style in 2016. I had regained the joys to get close to natures, had better quality sleep n health, experienced work-life balance,  rewarding job that gave me more financial freedom. At the same time, 2016 also marked the departure of my beloved dad n saw the evolvement of my jobs.

I started get used to live alone in this metropolitan. It gave me lots of opportunities to get out of comfort zone to meet up new friends, explore new things, n hopefully can start some new hobbies n contributions in coming years.

Here are some of my remarkable events in 2016.

1) Hiking

I started my hiking experiences in Hong Kong on 1st day of 2016 with SS.

Since then I continue explored different parts of HK  to enjoy the nature beauty of the islands. Hiking with Meetup groups brought me to outlying islands, Geoparks, Tseun wan, Sai Kung, etc.

The only thing that stop me for doing so since august are the summer heat n my back / leg pains.

img_2959img_40782) Passing of Dad

Dad experienced serious health conditions since early of the year n was hospitalized on 1st day of CNY. He was diagnosed with Myloema in mid June n started his cancer treatment end of June. His targeted drugs treatment did not help in rescuing his organs failure complication  (kidney, heart, lung) n passed away on 26 July after his treatment. Although we were sad of his passing, but felt blessed he did not suffer much pain (except  he has diarrhea n can’t get down of bed last few days).

Dad, we missed you.

img_3253-13)  Families and Friends Visits / Gathering 

After MF visited me last Nov, SS n her sister, Mae, Tony, Lily, Young, Pency n Ah Cheng  took turns to visit n stayed with me in HK for past year. I also met up Chip Choo, Chow Ying, Kok Siong, Miu Yee to catch up what happening backed home.

4) Marked the 50′

This year marked the 50′ for all horse gals n boys. Hualian classmates had a grand gathering in Taiping on 11 June, 2 days before my birthday.

5) Traveling

I traveled a bit this year. I went back to Malaysia 6 trips in 2016 (Feb, Mac, June, July, Aug, Sep) to visit families n friends.

The other trips are 1 day trip to Macau n 3 days to Taichung. And countless day trips visiting different parts of Hong Kong (Sheung Shui, Tai O, Lamma island, Cheung chau, Stanley, central heritage walk etc)

 6) Social Activism 

Since I left Malaysia, I tried to keep a distance from social activism in Hong Kong. I only attended 64 vigil, HOCC supportive concert n Bersih 5 HK. After reconnecting with Malaysian friends, I may took a more active roles in coming year.

7) Work Life

Since the restructuring of T&D department in Feb, other than supported the local team for deliver some training, I have changed my role to 100% global training & development. I have convinced the team leader to establish the LMS n focus on eLearning. Work load started to creep up slowly n the “Learning in Motion” platform is ready for role out in 2017. It’s an exciting & hopefully rewarding in future!!

(Company has gone through resizing n restructuring since July n hopefully the bleeding stopped in 2017, as we has made remarkable profit then)

Hopefully in 2017 I will be wiser, happier, healthier n more successful!!

Choose the better side of life

Pa, I love you. I will always remember your teachings n the precious moments we have together.

We will definitely choose the positive side of life that filled with lots of love, joys, peace, happiness, friends n family.

Don’t worry Pa, I will always (and ensure our next generations) have the positive, right, and always seeking truth attitude. 

(Hand written draft by papa, the seeds that embedded years ago have grew to fullness now)













你一直都保持正面看法要治療跟病魔搏鬥。我知道化療會很辛苦,不過看到你的心臟腎衰竭帶來的後果影響 ,我一直都不敢跟你談不要做化療的選擇。







People on the move again?!? Based on the rate of T&D organisation changes, I just hope we know  who we are n where we heading to very soon.

From Candy to Ivan, then Mary, and now Sherri. When can we settled down on the ground n moved forward?












法官杨惠婵指出,由于起诉人劳勿澳洲金矿公司无法证明,答辩人丘雪梨的言论恶意诽谤该公司的名义,高庭基于“既然性权衡”(balance of probabilities)原则,宣判撤销案件。


1. 丘雪梨(见图)所刊登的文章,有关劳勿澳洲金矿公司言论的部分不实;
2. 这些文章是出于恶意才刊登;

3. 刊登这些文章,直接与自然造成特定损害(special damage)。







丘雪梨的代表律师为傅协祥,而劳勿澳洲金矿公司律师则是逊尼尔(Sunil Abraham)。









2013年9月,澳洲劳勿金矿公司不满丘雪梨、反山埃委员会主席黄金雄和秘书丘惠豪三人,在《当今大马》和《自由今日大马》的两篇报道中,发表针对该公司的诽谤言论,因此兴讼索偿 。


在此案之前,金矿公司也于2012年9月入禀吉隆坡高庭, 起诉《当今大马》和《自由今日大马》两家网络媒体诽谤。其中,起诉《当今大马》的案件将在下周一(23/5/16)下判。