Graves’ ophthalmopathy


Graves’ disease is an autoimmune disorder. It causes hyperthyroidism.

About 25 percent of people who develop Graves’ disease will also get Graves’ ophthalmopathy.

“How can I have Graves’ disease after treated with Radioactive Iodine and became hypothyroidism 2 years ago?”  I always wondered and asked myself with doubts.

My recent visit to my eye specialist might has the answer to this.  She looked at my previous blood test results and brought up the case that I might have developed the conditions wayback longer that I thought (not 6 months ago, but one to two years back ).

Damn, I have not pay enough attention to myself and my diseases. The Graves’ ophthalmopathy with bulging eyes, excessive tearing, light sensitivity and double vision must have developed long (possible even before my RAI treatment) before I get to notice and treat it March this year. The hormone, menopause, dry eyes issues could have camouflaged the real problems beneath it ? or these issues simulated and worsened the ophthalmopathy ? (I pondered again)

Good news is, my conditions are stabled n remained in status quo for quite some-times already. I still have the full vision movement and get to do the surgery to rectify this eye retraction issue middle of next year. I think I am in good hands now (I must trust my doctors).

The reason I wrote this post is not to complain but to remind myself not to neglect myself that I am a “patient” with “diseases”. I must learned how to love and take care of my body and minds, and set the life priority right.

Yes, to answer a friends’ querry, these are diseases. They are called Graves’ Disease n Dry Eyes Disease, and they are chronic  :-(

Save Baram Fund Raising Luncheon


These are the most encouraging messages I received when I woke up this morning.

“I read that 峇南水坝工程动工在即,峇南约2万名原住民家园危在旦夕。非政府组织“当今峇南”将举办一场筹款午宴,为反水坝社运分子筹款,协助他们长期到峇南,提升原住民对峇南水坝危害的醒觉意识。How can I donate!”

“I have some spare times next week, how can I help you on the fund raising drive?”

Thanks friends. U all warmed up my heart.

Yes, I am leading a fund raising drive with Baramkini members to raise funds to support Baram, Sarawak local residents to carry out their outreach programme to visit Baram’s remote longhouses to explain the impacts of the mega dam’s construction, social employment issues arising after the relocation, ethnic livelihood and environmental impacts arising, education and improving inland residents basic knowledge about human rights.

Baramkini hopes such a project will empower the local residents of Baram to protect their ancestral lands, their culture and their rights to self-determination.

You  are welcomed to purchase a luncheon ticket (priced at RM50 per ticket, VIP seat is RM200 per ticket), be our sponsor, be our volunteers or donate directly.

U can directly bank into
A/C NUMBER :04000103570

Many many thanks.

For more details, read here and here

























  • 一邊義務的在寫籌款計劃書找款項來支撐Baram的鬥爭,另一邊痛苦的挖自己的錢去支持反煽動法令運動。
  • 一邊努力的寫工作履歷表積極的想換工作跑道,另一邊卻在猶豫這個與國陣政府關係這麼深的未來。
  • 一邊想把公司關掉重新出發,另一邊卻忙於發出Quotation想在最近的時間裡賺最多的錢。
  • 一直想學習拒絕、說不、放下,可是往往事違我愿,還是默默的扛下、接受、付出。
  • 原本回家想幫倆老照顧生病的外甥,結果我卻病得七彩,成了要被照顧的負擔。
  • 這邊說對他失望,可是下一刻卻期望他的關愛。


After 57 years


After 57 years of Merdeka, moving towards 51 years formation of Malaysia. Seems we are still conquer under tyrant regime n never have the freedom promised.

Over the past month, the repressive, colonial and undemocratic Sedition Act of 1948 has been indiscriminately used in a new wave of political repression and terror whose targets have included elected representatives and lawyers who have a public duty to speak on matters of public interest.

We are also extremely concerned with the selective prosecution under the Sedition Act by the Attorney General who is clearly targeting those who are critical of the government.

Those who have been charged are:
1.​David Orok​​​​, Member, Sabah Reform Party
2.​Azmi Sharom​​​​, Law professor, University of Malaya
3.​N Surendran​​​​, Lawyer, Padang Serai MP
4.​Khalid Samad​​​​, Shah Alam MP
5. ​RSN Rayner ,​​​​ Lawyer, Seri Delima ADUN
6.​Abdullah Zaik Abdul Rahman, President, Ikatan Muslimin Malaysia
7.​Teresa Kok​​​​, Seputeh MP
8. ​Chua Tian Chang​​​, Batu MP
9. ​Hishamuddin Rais​​​, Social Activist
10. ​Adam Adli​​​​, Student Activist
11. ​Safwan Anang​​​​, Student Activist
12. ​Haris Ibrahim​​​​, Lawyer/ Social Activist
13. ​Tamrin Tun Abdul Ghafar​​, Political Activist
14.​Md Shuhaimi Shafie ​​​, Sri Muda ADUN

Numerous others are being investigated including:-

1. ​Viktor Wong​​​​, Activist, Parti Rakyat Malaysia
2.​Susan loone, ​​​​Journalist, Malaysiakini
3.​Hassan Karim​​​​, Lawyer/ PKR Johor Vice Chairman
4.​Rafizi Ramli, ​​​​Pandan MP
5.​Ali bin Jalil​​​​, Member of public
6.​17-year-old schoolboy​​(unnamed)
7.​Mohammad Nizar Jamaluddin , Changkat Jering ADUN

The Sedition Act is a piece of repressive legislation made by the British colonial government to suppress freedom of expression and opinion of our forefathers who fought for the independence of our country. This legislation has to go if we want to be a truly independent nation.

The Sedition Act is too broadly defined and is easily open to abuse by the government. It can and is being used to criminalise almost any kind of democratic speech including legitimate criticisms against the government, its leaders or the ruling political parties. Under the Sedition Act, almost anything said or published that is remotely contentious can be deemed seditious.

The Sedition Act is clearly being misused to protect the government and its interests, clampdown on the opposition and dissidents, make certain issues off limits, stifle civil liberties and create a climate of fear reminiscent of the worst days under the iron fisted Mahathir regime.

The Sedition Act is being used as a new type of ISA, to stifle and repress the opposition, civil society and the public.

At this critical hour, when our human rights are being trampled upon with impunity, we, the undersigned endorse the formation of Gerakan Hapus Akta Hasutan (GHAH).

The objective of GHAH is to carry out a national campaign to bring to an end the ever present threat of freedom of expression and opinion by the Sedition Act that hangs over every Malaysian.

Our demands are:

GHAH was officially launched on 15 September 2014 and will be going nationwide to urgently push for the fulfillment of the above demands.





Old buddy, old pal, old friend of mine (1)


(1) 跟畢業後就很少見面的中學老同學吃飯敘舊,談起當年的趣聞、花名、糗事。。。最有趣的是大夥拿出手機掃屏,看30多年前的老照片,比較當年的身材樣子,看還能認出多少位老同學和誰誰誰的名字。
雖然我們不常見面,可是大家都沒有隔膜,永遠有聊不完的話題,還有全場獨有的太平福建話(我的福建話早就生鏽到可當Calcium喝了,Han Keat的冷笑話),場面融洽溫馨。

(2) 當年(1989)我們幾位系友成了室友,大夥有空就聚在一起說三道四,還常常做一些傻事(包括拍了一系列很搞笑的照片,這張攝於在太平山),不讓青春留白。
1/4世紀過了,我們這班Blur Blur的大學同學還常“八”在一起(好友月妹已離我們而去,哭)。雖然我們分隔南北,可是我們總不錯過任何可以見面的機會,友誼長存。


A Mad Mad Mad MB

“他失心瘋了”。“老天要毀滅一個人之前,一定會先讓他瘋狂。” 這是我們這幾天對TSKI的看法。



開除了5位DAP和PKR行政議員後,聽說他接下來打算要開除DAP和PKR的市議員。他甚至口出狂言說 ‘無需証明我獲多數支持’。好像雪蘭莪是他的,隨心所欲。





Drama politik yang terungkai di Selangor belum pernah berlaku dalam sejarah negara dalam konteks wakil bebas dan tanpa parti menjadi ketua eksekutif negeri.

Perkembangan berlaku dengan pantas dan tegang dalam krisis menteri besar Selangor apabila Pakatan Rakyat nampaknya hilang cengkaman ke atas negeri paling kaya di Malaysia.

Hari yang berlalu menyaksikan perang mulut dan ‘serangan balas’ daripada Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim dan pengkritik daripada bekas sekutunya, PKR dan DAP.

Enam anggota Exco daripada kedua-dua parti yang enggan meninggalkan pentadbirannya walaupun menyokong pemecatan beliau sebagai menteri besar menyatakan mereka tidak akan berjumpa dengan Abdul Khalid kecuali pada mesyuarat mingguan Majlis Mesyuarat Kerajaan Negeri.

Tetapi Abdul Khalid membuat kejutan sejurus sebelum pukul 7 malam dengan menyatakan beliau mendapat perkenan Sultan Selangor untuk memecat enam anggota Exco kerajaan negeri yang tidak menyokong pentadbirannya.

Berikutan perkembangan ini, penganalisis politik percaya bahawa Pakatan Rakyat, sebagai gabungan tiga parti yang rapuh, telah kehilangan kuasa untuk mentadbir Selangor oleh kerana Exco DAP dan PKR kemungkinan dipecat daripada pentadbiran Abdul Khalid.

Ketiadaan Exco PKR dan DAP bermakna bahawa hanya empat anggota Exco daripada PAS berada dalam pentadbiran kerajaan negeri – jumlah minimum anggota Exco yang diperlukan untuk mentadbir kerajaan negeri mengikut Undang-undang Tubuh Kerajaan Negeri.

Keadaan nampaknya seperti biasa semalam apabila Abdul Khalid tiba untuk bertugas di Bangunan Sekretariat Selangor pukul 9.30 pagi tetapi perkembangan tegang kelmarin yang menyaksikan Abdul Khalid mendapat perkenan Sultan Selangor untuk terus memegang jawatan menteri besar selepas dipecat daripada parti, berulang semalam.

Beliau sepatutnya mengisi waktu dengan menemui kesemua 10 anggota Exco untuk mengetahui sama ada mereka akan terus kekal dalam pentadbiran beliau atau sebaliknya.

Abdul Khalid tidak menghadapi masalah dengan keempat-empat Exco daripada PAS yang menyatakan mereka akan mematuhi arahan parti untuk kekal dalam pentadbiran negeri.

Menteri Besar boleh menarik nafas lega apabila BN yang mempunyai 12 wakil rakyat dalam Dewan Undangan Negeri, menyuarakan sokongan tanpa syarat kepada Abdul Khalid yang juga anggota dewan undangan negeri Pelabuhan Klang dan Anggota Parlimen Bandar Tun Razak.

Sementara itu, Setiausaha Sulit kepada Sultan Selangor Datuk Mohamad Munir Bani, berkata dalam satu kenyataan bahawa Sultan Selangor berpendapat pemecatan Abdul Khalid daripada parti merupakan isu dalaman parti dan tidak menjejaskan kedudukan beliau sebagai Anggota Dewan Negeri Selangor dan Menteri Besar Selangor.

Beliau juga berkata baginda tidak berkenan menerima menghadap Presiden PKR Datuk Seri Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail atas alasan Abdul Khalid telahpun menghadap baginda untuk menjelaskan tentang kedudukan beliau sebagai menteri besar Selangor.

Krisis perebutan kerusi menteri besar Selangor tercetus dengan ‘Langkah Kajang’ yang dimulakan Pengarah Strategi PKR Rafizi Ramli dalam pilihan raya kecil (PRK) Dewan Undangan Negeri (DUN) Kajang Mac lepas, bertujuan menjadikan Ketua Umum parti itu, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim sebagai menteri besar Selangor yang baru.

Berikut adalah kronologi krisis menteri besar Selangor

27 JANUARI: Wakil rakyat PKR Lee Chin Cheh meletak jawatan sebagai ADUN kawasan Kajang bagi memberi laluan kepada Anwar bertanding pada PRK kawasan itu. Bagaimanapun, hasrat Anwar terbantut setelah gagal menjadi calon kerusi DUN Kajang selepas mahkamah mendapati beliau bersalah atas tuduhan liwat terhadapnya, lalu isterinya yang juga Presiden PKR, Datuk Seri Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail dipertaruhkan untuk kerusi itu.

26 FEBRUARI: Abdul Khalid, mewakili Kerajaan Selangor menandatangani Memorandum Persefahaman (MoU) dengan Kerajaan Persekutuan untuk penstrukturan semula industri air di negeri itu yang tertangguh sejak 2008. Tindakan itu mengecewakan pimpinan PKR yang mendakwa Abdul Khalid tidak membincangkan mengenai perkara tersebut dengan mereka.

26 JUN: Abdul Khalid gagal mempertahankan jawatan Ketua Cabang PKR Kuala Selangor dalam pemilihan parti apabila tewas kepada bekas anggota Parlimen Kapar, S.Manikavasagam.

21 JULAI: PKR menamakan Dr Wan Azizah sebagai calon menteri besar Selangor yang baru untuk menggantikan Abdul Khalid.

22 JULAI: Abdul Khalid dalam kenyataan media berkata walaupun menghormati keputusan PKR yang mencalonkan Dr Wan Azizah sebagai penggantinya, namun segala tatacara pelantikan perlu dibuat mengikut Undang-undang Tubuh Kerajaan Negeri. Abdul Khalid berkata sehingga proses tersebut berlaku dan selesai, beliau akan terus menjalankan tugas sebagai menteri besar.

25 JULAI: Presiden PAS Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang mempertahankan Abdul Khalid untuk kekal sebagai menteri besar Selangor atas alasan beliau tidak pernah khianat dalam menjalankan amanah kepada rakyat.

1 OGOS: Setiausaha agung DAP Lim Guan Eng menyuarakan sokongan penuh parti itu terhadap cadangan meletakkan Dr Wan Azizah sebagai menteri besar Selangor yang baru.

4 OGOS: Setiausaha agung PKR Datuk Saifuddin Nasution mendedahkan nota setebal lebih 40 muka surat mengenai dakwaan salah laku Abdul Khalid seperti isu penjualan tanah milik kerajaan negeri Selangor kepada Eco World dan projek pembinaan rumah mampu milik di Sungai Sering, Ukay Perdana.

5 OGOS: Lembaga Disiplin PKR hantar surat tunjuk sebab kepada Abdul Khalid mengenai keengganannya melepaskan jawatan sebagai menteri besar Selangor.

6 & 8 OGOS: Abdul Khalid membalas surat tunjuk sebab.

9 OGOS: PKR memecat Abdul Khalid daripada parti berkuat kuasa serta-merta. Abdul Khalid dalam kenyataan media kemudian memberitahu bahawa beliau menerima keputusan PKR yang memecatnya daripada parti walaupun beliau mendakwa tindakan itu salah dan cacat dari segi undang-undang.

10 OGOS: Abdul Khalid memberitahu pemberita bahawa beliau akan meneruskan tugasannya seperti biasa sehingga mesyuarat Majlis Dewan Diraja Selangor diadakan pada 11 Ogos.

11 OGOS: Abdul Khalid menghadap Sultan Selangor bagi memaklumkan pemecatannya daripada PKR selain membincangkan kemelut jawatan menteri besar.

11 OGOS: Dalam sidang media khas kemudiannya Abdul Khalid mengumumkan bahawa beliau telah mendapat perkenan Sultan Selangor untuk terus memegang jawatan menteri besar Selangor. Menteri besar itu turut menyarankan supaya anggota Exco yang tidak menyokong kepimpinan beliau supaya meletak jawatan. Beliau juga berkata akan mengadakan pertemuan dengan barisan exco kerajaan negeri secara individu bagi mengetahui sokongan dan pendirian mereka terhadap kepimpinan beliau.

12 OGOS: Empat anggota Exco kerajaan negeri Selangor daripada PAS berkata akan terus berkhidmat di bawah pentadbiran Abdul Khalid seperti yang diarahkan pucuk pimpinan parti itu.
Enam anggota Exco daripada DAP dan PKR dalam kenyataan bersama berkata mereka akan terus menjalankan tugas masing-masing tetapi menegaskan tidak akan berjumpa dengan Abdul Khalid kecuali pada mesyuarat mingguan Majlis Mesyuarat Kerajaan Negeri (MMKN).

Selain itu keenam-enam exco tersebut dilaporkan berkata dalam urusan melibatkan mereka, kedudukan dan fungsi Abdul Khalid hanyalah dalam kapasiti peralihan sementara menunggu seorang menteri besar daripada Pakatan Rakyat dilantik selain. Mereka juga berkata Abdul Khalid dan MMKN tidak boleh membuat sebarang keputusan tanpa melalui proses undian.

12 OGOS: Abdul Khalid mengumumkan telah menghantar surat kepada Sultan Selangor bagi memohon perkenan untuk memecat enam anggota Exco kerajaan negeri daripada DAP dan PKR yang tidak menyokong pentadbirannya.

Keenam-enam Exco terbabit dalam sidang media bagaimanapun bertekad untuk datang ke pejabat masing-masing di Bangunan Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Shah di Shah Alam hari ini kerana menganggap pemecatan itu tidak sah berikutan belum mendapat perkenan Sultan Selangor.

- Bernama (source :

What is TSKI next move?

Source :
Source :

When I analogue the Selangor MB crisis with corporate appointment, I think I can ‘understand’ the logic why TSKI refuse to resign n insist to do till full term.

In corporate world, u got your CEO appointment from the company board of director (party leadership) with specific job responsibility n KPI (party policy n manifesto ). So, when your BOD / employer (party) terminate your contract without valid reasons (give instruction for you to step down as MB to give way to new successor), you most probably will not want to resign voluntarily, because this will hurt your ego, jeopardize your integrity, credibility and your future employment. So the company has to showed your wrongdoing n how you breached the rules (e.g. the claims in the dossier issued by PKR sec gen etc. ) by dragging u to a domestic enquiry (party disciplinary board).

So to defend your status quo, u need to proof you are “victimized” by BOD (party leadership) by showing your report cards, how clean are u, how popular n supported by the company shareholders (voters) etc. (propaganda)

While the case is on-going, the member of the domestic enquiry (party disciplinary board) suddenly announced u are guilty n recommend the company to sack u. What would u do next? Appeal the case to industrial court to re-installed your position (judicial and palace) or request to hold EGM (fresh election)  if u able to get some shareholders (voters) support …..?

However, political arena is not corporate world. Political system design is different from corporate structure, things work different way n more stakeholders are involved.

I have no sympathy for PKR, they have done a bundle a mess in handling the case, mudslinging, lost the integrity, and they will have to face the consequent in next election.

However, TSKI is not better either. Although u may still have the mandate till next DUN sitting in Oct, but imaging how u can run the government if you did not have the corporation of your colleagues (exco) n the team? Things will get more difficult n messier.

So to TSKI, think wisely before deciding your next move. Otherwise you are a betraitor.


1) TSKI was sacked from PKR yesterday (9/8/2014)

2) He declare he still has the majority popularity and drag the monarchy in  to upheld his position (11/8/2014)

Processes determine the outcomes



One of my professional job is to coach n lead clients to collect facts, analyse the situations, prioritize and organize the resources, control the risks, manage the processes and monitor the outcomes. Review results and take actions for further improvement is a must. I normally will guide them to view things from different angles by providing scenarios n give alternative solutions before making the judgement or decision.

Somehow, I felt a lot of people (be a corporate client, civil societies member, politician or general public) don’t appreciate this systematic n analytical approach in building a better policy, efficient work processes n system; or campaign strategies ; or progressive society n nation. They hate to listen to history & theory, they don’t like to analyse, and they don’t want detail discussions before decision making. They normally just want a direct answer n solution, black n white, yes or no (normally they will say just tell me what to do).

Many are emphasized the results / outcomes and neglected the processes to reached the final decision or conclusion. May be it is the failure of our education system. Many of us are just lacking in analytical and critical thinking training and ability to do so.

May be u can call me old fashioned, outdated or meticulous, without going through these fundamental steps in critical and analytical thinking and decision making (include mapping), how are u going to learn to take charge, make changes n excel?

(I am experiencing occupational fatigue guiding these type of people for the past few years. I need a life mentor to enlightened me!)